Living the Puppa-na-Life

“Living the Puppa-na-Life” Pre-Order Available Now

Pre-Order “The Puppa-na-Wuppana Series – Living the Puppa-na-Life” book today! The book will ship in late 2015 or early 2016. The Puppa book series has been a long time vision of author Cindy Koebele. Living with the “real-life” Puppa has provided her family with countless hours of entertainment, joy and exasperation. Bringing best friend, author …

Dog's Magical Sense of Smell

Dog’s Magical Sense of Smell

Can you think of a time when a dog didn’t come up to you and sniff to get acquainted? Canines have a magical sense of smell and feel most comfortable around you and other dogs after they have determined your scent. As humans, our sense of smell is quite inferior when compared to that of …

Moms Rock Expo

Moms Rock! Expo

We will have an exhibitor booth at the Mom’sRock Expo. Book Reading 3:00 pm – Saturday, May 2nd 10-5 3:00 pm – Sunday, May 3rd 10-4 We will be signing and selling books all day. Hope to see you there!

Class Visits

The week of April 6th – 10th we will be at the Pike Lake Kindgergarten Center in Mounds View Schools doing class visits. April 14th  we will be at Oneka Elementary doing a class visit.